Raymond Shinault


Raymond's voice has a wide range and can be just the voice you’re looking for!

Raymond began narrating his own books’ promos, and motivational videos with voice-overs, and it was at this time that he developed a passion for creating voice-over work. With this in mind, as an award-winning public speaker he has the where with all to communicate any message affectively.

Raymond performed extensive research and developed his own professional in-home recording studio which comprises professional equipment with clean, crisp sounds allowing Raymond to provide his clientele with quick turnarounds. Make no mistake about it!

Raymond has the voice-over talent and know how to make his clientele’s customers feel" as much as they" hear" their intended messages. Raymond has done voice overs for clients all over the world. He continues to work hard at his craft to deliver his clients messages with grace and passion.

His mission statement is to help his clients reach their intended customers by creating a voiceover that his clients customers will not only hear but feel as well.